Our Service

What do we do and what do we offer?

1. The Reformed Church of Quebec, participating in the Great Commission of the universal Church, has received a specific mission and vocation from God. We seek to answer this call through our commitment and Christian service in the Church and in society. The preceding discussions of our history, faith and organisation indicate a number of aspects of this commitment and Christian service. Suffice to recall the main areas in which the life of the church and its services are demonstrated: through the worship service, education, mutual and pastoral aid, evangelization and service to society.

2. Let us first consider the worship service. God invites His children as well as all creation and all humanity, whatever their condition, to come to meet with Him in a special way: to worship Him. For this reason, we meet together regularly, normally on Sundays, to answer God's call. We come as a family to adore and praise Him and to sing about the wonderful things He has done, to pray to Him, asking forgiveness, presenting needs to Him and asking for help, to listen attentively to Him and to participate in the sacraments. We hope in this way to provide an opportunity to people of all ages to express their gratitude and affection to God, to celebrate together His works and blessings and to receive His direction for their lives.

3. Concerning education, we are taught by the Bible, God's Word, to come to know the Lord. We hope to enable each individual in this way to live responsibly, to develop habits that please God and conform to His will, in being committed at each moment and on all levels: individually, as a family and socially. In this perspective we offer a structured religious training program for children from 4-15 years of age, preparation for baptism, profession of faith and marriage. We hold meetings where we meditate on, discuss and study the Scripture themes. We also benefit from the presence of Farel Institute, the Reformed faculty of Theology in Quebec, that offers a training programme as much for future pastors as for elders, deacons and all who desire to serve in the Church or to simply know more about the Bible.

4. Concerning mutual and pastoral aid, we are a community united with Christ in which together we can experience God's forgiveness and healing. Thus we desire to become responsible to each other through visiting and helping each other, encouraging one another and sharing our joys and sorrows. We also hope to help each newcomer find his/her place in the Church, the Body of Christ, and to enable all to exercise the gifts that the Lord has given them. Developing a sense of family and of authentic love is our first priority. We offer and encourage an atmosphere of receiving, helping and sharing as a sign of gratitude for all that God has done for each of us. To those who are going through a critical period and to those in material need, we also offer, according to our means, assistance in the person of a marital, personal and spiritual counsellor.

5. Finally, let us consider evangelization and service to society. As partners in God's redemptive plan for His creation, we proclaim the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, and we witness to His love in word and in action, wherever God has placed us. We want to use our means and resources to demonstrate to those around us our testimony as a community. We also want to help each person in the Church be a witness to their faith. According to the resources God has made available to us, we seek to help those in need.

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