Our Identity

Who are we?

l. The name of our Church is The Reformed Church of Québec (RCQ), otherwise known as "L'Église Réformée du Québec" (ERQ). It is a Christian church, founded on faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of the world. The Reformed Church of Québec is a Church recognised as such by other Christian churches. We are not a sect, pretending to be the sole holders of the truth, nor do we claim to be closer to God than other Christians. We share with all other Christians a common inheritance of which we are proud. Our specific identity is that of being Reformed, which means we are descendants of the Church Reformation that took place in the 16th century in most European countries. Moreover, the Lord's Church is in constant need of reforming its faith and actions in the light of the Bible.

2. On November 6th l988, the date of the official establishment of the Reformed Church of Québec, we already numbered nine founding churches, or local churches, eight of which are situated in different areas of Québec; in Ste-Foy (Québec), Montréal, Trois-Rivières, St-Georges de Beauce, St-Lambert (south shore of Montréal), Repentigny, Ste-Croix de Lotbinière (Charney), St-Romuald - one is outside of Québec, in Ottawa. The majority of our members are French-speaking Québecers practising various occupations in society, blue and white collared workers. People coming from a wide range of cultural, regional and national backgrounds also contribute to a rich diversity. People of all ages can be found amongst us: young children, adolescents, students, the middle-aged and the retired. The dynamic nature of our church can be seen in the presence of many young families. We recognise that the Lord Jesus Christ, head of the Church, has assembled us, with our children in a community which holds one vision, one love, one faith and one hope: to live for His Glory and to serve Him where He has placed us.

3. In spite of the fact that its official foundation has not yet taken place, the Reformed Church of Québec is not new on the Quebec or Canadian scene. We have both a recent history and one reaching further back in time. The Reformed Church of Québec identifies itself, of course, with witnesses to the faith reaching back to the most ancient Christian traditions. More recently, we share a heritage with Reformed Christians who preceded us here in Quebec, earlier in New France as well as in the old French-speaking European countries. Our roots also reach into the history of the great Reformed family existing all over the world in numerous countries and speaking many different languages.

4. We also have a creed, a faith of which we are particularly proud. We want to live this faith today in our society and proclaim it to the nation of which we are a part, and to all those surrounding that nation. The unity of the Reformed Church of Quebec is woven out of faith in the Gospel. An expression or summary of this faith is formulated in texts we call "confessions of faith". Some of these confessions come to us from the Reformation, some have been composed more recently.

5. We also have an organisation which permits the administration of church affairs and ensures its direction, particularly as concerns the preaching of the gospel, administration of sacraments, instruction in faith, and co-ordination and development of the church. The general principles of this organisation are presented in a text approved by the parish representatives and leaders of the Reformed Church of Quebec.

6. Our Christian commitment and service is expressed in our worship of God as well as through studying and heeding His Word. These are also visible in our service and mutual aid within the Christian community, as well as in our outreach to society as a whole. Each individual within the Reformed Church of Québec occupies a privileged role in the task confided in us, so that each person's talents are appreciated, developed and put to use. The Church's life is manifest particularly in the areas of worship services, education, mutual and pastoral aid, evangelization and service in society.

7. The Reformed Church of Québec also has a vision and is preparing plans for its future. We plan to increase the number of our local churches and to establish Churches in city centres and principle areas of the Quebec Province. Other French-speaking communities outside of Quebec will also benefit from our services. Our basic concern is to spread the gospel to today's society and to demonstrate how Christian faith relates to present day life and questions. We are working on the improvement of services already offered in our local communities with the aim to contribute further in these areas and to participate as much as our means will permit.

8. For a better understanding of the Reformed Church of Québec, the following is a more detailed description of our history, our faith, our organisation, our commitment and service and of our plans for the future.


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