Our Future

What are our plans?

1. The main concern of the Reformed Church of Quebec is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world of today, and to emphasise the richness of the Reformed faith. From our point of view, the Reformed Church's integrated vision of the world and life, rooted in Biblical revelation, best answers present-day society's searching and humanity's deepest needs. We seek to honour God's Glory, His Greatness, His Love and His Justice shown in all His Works and in a special way through Jesus Christ.

2. We desire to participate as God's associates in His great plan, which concerns as much the communication of the Gospel to contemporary society as the development of Jesus Christ's Church, God's people. We want to demonstrate in this way how Christian faith relates to today's living and questions. Problems and risks related to marriage, family education, work and health, are examples of our present concerns. We also aim to increase the number of members and their maturity. Each of our local churches is called to be autonomous financially and administratively and to shoulder the responsibility of their own growth, so that each parish must not only meet its own financial needs, but contribute in turn to the mission and to the starting of new churches. We anticipate an increase in the number of local churches, established especially in major urban areas of Quebec. Other French- speaking communities outside Quebec or elsewhere than in these urban centres will be served as well, as is the case presently.

3. One way in which our local churches will be solidified is through an improvement of services already offered in the areas of the worship services, education, mutual and pastoral aid as well as evangelization and services to society. In this way we will be able to develop, for example, a new hymn book, a more complete training programme for all ages, a training programme in counselling, a missionary strategy adapted to the urban milieu or to immediate needs, etc. Discovery, development and exercise of all members' talents will be encouraged and even required, since this mission belongs to the entire body in action.

4. Other more special projects, will either continue, or commence in the future, such as: advanced training, which is already offered in collaboration with Farel Institute for our future pastors, evangelists, elders and deacons and which will be improved on in the next few years. We plan to compose a new Confession of faith, conforming to the Confession of the Reformation but being more typical of Quebec. We have the possibility of developing specific services for universities, professionals or for other groups according to their age, occupation or situation. We would like to initiate, maintain or develop harmonious relationships with other ethnic communities that are settling into our areas. And the list continues...

5. The Reformed Church of Quebec is supported mainly by the providence of God, the One who created and maintains it. It is led by Jesus Christ its Head and Shepherd, and it is guided by the light of the Holy Spirit, its Comforter, who will Himself accomplish His redemptive plan, and will enable us to participate in this plan, while expectantly awaiting the final establishment of God's kingdom. As partners in His covenant we are, together with all Christ's Church, "God's minister", so to speak, on earth.

We seek to contribute substantially to the task He has entrusted to us.


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