Our Faith

What do we believe?


1. Historically, Reformed Christians have attributed primary importance to the content of their faith. "In What or in Whom do we believe?" In the same way, the Reformed Church of Quebec stresses spiritual education for children as well as for adults.

2. Above all, we believe in The Bible as the tool God uses to guide His Church and to reveal the truth to us. Through it we learn who we are, how to live in happiness, what we must believe and above all, who God is and what He does in order that we may live in happiness. Thus we hold firmly to the Bible, desiring to make it known to all. This is also the reason why studying and reading the Bible is so important in each home. We believe that God expresses Himself clearly in His Word so that anyone is able to read and understand its message with the help of the Holy Spirit.

3. We believe that God is The Creator of the world and that He sustains and governs all creation. He takes an interest in all humans in all situations, and every area of our existence belongs to Him. All aspects of life, public and private, contain a religious dimension. We are responsible before our Creator for the administration of all possessions he has bestowed upon us, for it is He who gave us life, and our place in society. He created human beings good, gifted with intelligence, and moral discernment. He desires above all that we live in harmony with Him. We were created to know God, to love Him, to serve Him and to live in perfect righteousness. He confided responsibilities to us in the areas of work, family and society. We believe especially that the family was given to humanity by God for its happiness. Hence the family has a special place of importance for us.

4. But we also believe that man created good by God fell into a state of miserable sin out of which he is incapable of extracting himself. By our rejection of God and of His commandments, we seriously trespass against Him and we all deserve His most severe judgement. We have upset all harmony with Him and have fled before the responsibilities He gave us. Thus we deprive ourselves of lasting happiness. By our own strength, we are not capable of solving the problems of society so generated, problems such as crime, injustice, ecological disasters, moral, psychological and physical suffering and death. We need help.

5. We believe that Jesus Christ, God's Son, was miraculously born of the Virgin Mary, that He suffered on the cross, that He died and rose in the flesh to free us from our misery. Through all eternity, God had planned to send us His Son, and this project has been accomplished. Jesus Christ perfectly obeyed His Father's will: nevertheless, He took upon Himself God's just punishment for our sins. He won a brilliant and decisive victory over sin and death as well as over the devil and his evil deeds. God's goal in doing this was to restore creation and to reconcile us to Himself, to give life its real meaning and to provide happiness and eternal life for those who put their faith in Him. This new life is His free gift to us. All this demonstrates His Greatness and His Glory, His undeserved love and His irreproachable justice.

6. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, who was fully given to Christ's Church on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit gathers together people of all nations to unite them in Christ's body. Jesus is with us through His Spirit who comforts us and defends us. He speaks to us and leads us in truth through the Bible, the Word of God. We submit ourselves to God's Spirit who leads and renews His Church and enables us to live as real sons and daughters of God. The Spirit inspires the Church's mission. He uses the young and old , men and women to proclaim the Good news of God's Grace. He grants rich and varied gifts to each believer to use in praise of God and in service to his/her neighbours. We rejoice with gratitude for these gifts granted to others and we see ourselves as gifts offered to the congregation which rejoices in the creative works of the Spirit.

7. We believe that people must be profoundly changed and that only the Holy Spirit can operate such regeneration. This radical change is neither the product of a progressive development nor is it simply an improvement of one's habits, but it is an instant act, a deep renewal that God performs through His Spirit. This regeneration is visible in the new life it produces as we turn to God for conversion and faith in Jesus Christ. Faith is an act by which one accepts the truth of the gospel, trusts in its promises, believes in Jesus Christ as one's sole Saviour and Lord of one's life. This act is accompanied by repentance: regretting past errors and faults. Faith looks to God for forgiveness of sins and new life. Without faith and real conversion, no one can share in God's kingdom or expect to receive His salvation. God, having renewed the sinner's life, enables him to live in obedience and commitment. All Christians must thus demonstrate their faith through concrete action, inspired by love for God and for our neighbours. Although sanctification is a process and perfection isn't possible before crossing into eternal Glory, every believer must strive for it.

8. We believe that the Church was instituted by Jesus and that God planned and initiated it from the beginning of the world. The Church has visible and invisible aspects. All real Christians belong to the invisible Church. Jesus Christ alone is its supreme Head. In truth, the Church exists since humanity's origins; it is composed of all believers down through the ages, and it will continue to exist until the end of time. The Church is visible in the communion of those who confess the true faith along with their children. It is every Christian's duty to join the visible Church, to support those churches where the Word of God is faithfully proclaimed, the Sacraments correctly administrated and spiritual discipline exercised. The Reformed Church of Quebec with other Churches of the Reformation, believes that Jesus instituted two sacraments: Baptism and Communion. These sacraments accompany the proclamation of the Word and are witnesses to the promises of the New Covenant, particularly to the promise of forgiveness and eternal life to all those who believe in Jesus Christ.

9. We believe that God has fixed a goal for our world and that He is leading history toward this goal: Jesus will return to earth triumphing once and for all over evil. He will put a stop to the injustice that overwhelms us and establish lasting peace and harmony in a new creation. To accomplish this he will resurrect and judge each person, because he holds us responsible for our actions. Sadly, we must concede that He will eternally punish all those who will have rejected Him. However, He will freely give eternal life and happiness to His own who will have trusted in Him that they might rejoice and praise His Honour in His presence.

10. For a more detailed presentation of the beliefs and teachings of the Reformed Church of Quebec, official text, recognised by other Christian churches throughout the world are mentioned here as references. Of course, as do other Christians, we accept the great ecumenical creeds such as: the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, (Constantinople 325, 381), and the Athanasian Creed (5th or 6th century). We also draw on texts which come to us from the Church's Reformation or on more recent texts such as the La Rochelle Confession of Faith (France, 1559), the Heidelberg Catechism* (Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland... 1563) the Synod Canon of Dordrecht (the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland 1618-1619) the Westminster Confession of faith* (England, Scotland 1643-1649) and "Our World Belongs to God" (the Contemporary Testimony) (1983). However, only those texts marked by an asterisk (*) have been officially adopted as basic doctrine for the Reformed Church of Quebec, and receive official support from its elders, pastors, evangelists and deacons.


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